The best shop in the universe

Due to the immense popularity of the previous shop, the range of available merchandise is being expanded. All of the products we offer can be seen below. If you are interested please email me. Massive discounts are available on bulk orders. They make great Birthday/Christmas presents for those you love most.

Just to avoid any doubt this shop contains about 50% sarcastic content, apart form the 90% that isn't.

The Classic "" Mug [GBP15]

The Classic "" Hoodies [GBP40]

"I love" T-shirt [GBP25]

"Furniture Polish" T-shirt [GBP25]

"The Future is here" T-shirt [GBP25] Tax Disk (Never Expires) [GBP235]

Web Hosting - 110% Uptime only [GBP1 kb^-1 Hour^-1] Custom Email Addresses [GBP1 day^-1]

Postage not included, Delivery time depends on how busy i am on the day the order comes through. Email to