"Windsor's House Show 2014"


"Windsor's House Video 2014"


"Willkommen - preformed without Chas around 2014"


"Felsted School Choir Singing Middle Temple Dinner, London 2014"


"Lost! Timelapse 2014"


"Felsted School - A Summer Celebration 2014"


"Felsted School - The Live Lounge 2014"


"Felsted School Chapel Service in aid of Magic Bus 2013"


"Sixth Form Boarding School - Total Wipeout 2013"


"House Shout 2012"


"Felsted School Introduction Video 2001"



The "Charles Hoile" Media Suite, Felsted School, 2014

(Yes, they named the room after me. There's a plaque and everything.) (Unless they remove it.) (I hope not.)